Haig Aivazian, At every sunset, I think of you, 2013, charcoal and pastel on paper

This work is part of an ongoing project that looks at international sports competitions as a revealing element of nationalistic aspirations which present contradictions.

The starting point of this work was inspired by private companies which were responsible for the security of the Olympic Games in England and also supply equipment for immigrant detention camps and prisons.

Untitled, 2011, video, 1min 10s

Mohammed Kazem (b. Dubai, 1969) has developed an artistic practice that encompasses video, photography and performance to find new ways of apprehending his environment and experiences. The foundations of his work are informed by his training as a musician, and Kazem is deeply engaged with developing processes that can render transient phenomena, such as sound and light, in tangible terms.

We both died at the same moment, 2014, sculpture (siliquaria armata)

Yeung’s practice uses natural bodies and systems as a pretext for describing human processes and relations. He creates worlds with their own logic, one that is only vaguely allowing the logic of objects, animals or plants he uses to function undeterred, imposing his own rules and parameters and staging dramatic scenarios that are intimately connected to his own experiences from the human world. 

The Paris Collection, established in 2001, is not bound by geography or media and consists of works by artists from many different regions. Its particularity is also to support artists through commissioned productions.

Besides the founding family members, and the Kadist-Paris staff, the Paris Collection committee comprises Jeremy Lewison, advisor, critic and curator, Rozenn Prat, Professor of Visual Arts, and Jean-Marc Prevost, director of the Carré d’Art, contemporary art Museum of Nîmes.