Ciprian Muresan

Ciprian Muresan, "Untitled (Monks)", 2011.

Ciprian Mureşan asked a group of protagonists to wear a monk's robe and copy a certain number of artworks and texts from exhibition catalogues. Here it is no longer the Bible that is reproduced but works by Malevich, Mondrian, Beuys, Duchamp. These artists represent a certain form of utopia in art and are themselves quasi-mythical figures.

Ciprian Muresan, "I'm Protesting Against Myself", 2011.

The video I am protesting against myself presents a puppet in a garbage can citing numerous reasons why one should protest against it. Ciprian Mureşan utilizes the comic effects typical of popular culture and the media. Progressively during the video, one appropriates the reasons for this characters discontent. This work has particular resonance at the moment in the midst of globalization and Capitalist excesses, since indignant voices are rising.