Ryan Gander

Ryan Gander, "Travelogue lecture with missing content", 2001.

This work is meditative and fragile. These abstract forms are projected slides belonging to another lecture, Travelogue, where the images have been removed. What is left is the hole of the frame of the slide that light draws upon and projects on the wall. Seated on a group of corduroy cushions, the spectator is invited the follow the 'spectacle' of forms that appear and disappear to the rhythm of the two projectors. Ryan Gander presents us with a void which is a space to fill. Here absence is presence. He plays with emptiness and fullness, forms and counter-forms.

Ryan Gander,"A vehicle with no Lights", 2004.

A vehicle without light is a group of more personal photographs. This includes an image of a pirate radio in the 1960s, a story from the BBC website and the photo of Mary Aurore. Mary Aurore, is in fact a character he invented whose identity is impossible to determine but who appears in various works. Each photograph contributes to a cartography of clues. Each title also builds on the associations and complementaries between the works.

Ryan Gander is a collector. He keeps all sorts of documents to create from. His studio is full of found images, personal images, documents copied from internet or cutout of newspapers. In this series of 20 photographs, each image is constituted through a game of associations. Each photograph has a caption that details each element so the spectator can play. In a number of his works, lectures or texts, Ryan Gander is very attached to details, to anecdotes. He relays some of the information with great concern for exactitude which can seem futile and absurd but creates the poetic shift. He seeks to highlight invisible details of daily reality. All his works are in dialogue with one another. Each title also builds on the associations and complementaries between the works.
Ryan Gander was born in Chester, UK, in 1976. He lives and works in London.