Francisco Camacho, "Group Marriage Initiative", 2009.
Francisco Camacho
Monday, 14 February, 2011

In New Mexico, Camacho investigated the reasons why the inhabitants of a village decided to change its name Truth or Consequences in the 50's; with Group Marriage, an on-going project as part of the Amsterdam Spinoza Manifestation (2009), he petitions the Dutch parliament to open civil marriage to groups of citizens who would marry each other. And more recently Entkustung de l'art, presented at the Casino of Luxembourg, was part of a collaboration with the Luxembourg Military School, local politicians from the Senate and the Minister of Culture and a hip hop band.
Artist Francisco Camacho seeks ways in which his work can exist within official social channels. His projects have been the result of long investigations and collaborations with the local context, inhabitants and lawyers to allow his discourse to be examined by other structures of society.
Therefore, his projects often leave the art world to become significant in another fields and can be viewed as a form of political activism or social discourse. His practice evolves around the possibility of art to bear practical effects on the cultural background and reflects on re-defining common concepts that can lead art to change the way in which we conceive society.

Francisco Camacho was born in 1979 in Bogota. He is currently working on a 'community based project' for the Van Abbe Museum in the neighborhood of Woensel West (Eindhoven).