Wages for Facebook

Wages for Facebook
Wednesday, 19 March, 2014

Wages For Facebook began as an artistic project, drawing upon ideas and texts from a 1970s feminist activist campaign as means to think through relationships of capitalism, class and affective labor at stake within social media today.

But in January 2014 the launch of a manifesto website,, seemed to hit a collective nerve. With more than 20,000 visitors to the site and counting it has been rapidly and internationally debated via social media and in the press—setting off a broader public conversation about worker's rights and the very nature of labor, as well as the politics of its refusal, in our digital age.

Together with one of the project’s initiators, NYC-based curator, artist, and writer Laurel Ptak (and other speakers to be announced) we will discuss the contexts of art, technology and activism—specifically asking how each of these spheres addresses much broader questions about how society itself should be organized?

Bar at 6pm, event at 7pm.

San Francisco